Your Dentures Require Your Care

Dentures may be artificial, but they still need to be maintained. All non-edible products that are inserted into your mouth must always be disinfected and sterilized to the best of your ability if you are going to keep your mouth safe. Gum disease can still strike even if you have no teeth left at all…. Read more »

Oral Health Care Quiz for the New Year

A new year is among us once again. As important as it is to celebrate the new season, let us not forget our journey that got us here. Hopefully, your dental care was fulfilling and most triumphant. As the year progresses forward, don’t forget to look back on what you have done and any areas… Read more »

A Great Holiday Smile Begins With Great Holiday Health Care Habits

A great holiday smile begins with great holiday health care habits. Everything you do to strengthen and protect your teeth and gums can have enormous benefits on your overall oral health. Even simple daily tasks such as brushing and flossing remain paramount to protect your teeth. wants your holiday season to remain bright, so please… Read more »

The Facts About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Have you avoided going to your dentist for some time? Do you have chipped, cracked, or broken teeth? Are you worried about the health of your smile? If you are, or if you need extensive work, you may need to consider a full mouth reconstruction. If you aren’t happy with the appearance or function of… Read more »

Reverse Your Halitosis Today!

Do you suffer from bad breath? If so, did you know there are ways you can reverse it? Well, it’s true! Thousands of people suffer from halitosis across the world, and thankfully, here at in , , our team of professionals has provided you with some answers and information to the causes and treatments of… Read more »

A Blow to the Face Can Knock a Tooth Out so Severely that It Can Only Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

Contact sports and other rigorous activities can potentially cause a blow to the face. Using a quality mouthguard can help prevent serious oral trauma. Unfortunately, many athletes find retail mouthguards to be uncomfortable. This causes some athletes to forego the use of a mouthguard. Should you make this choice, it greatly increases your chances of… Read more »

The Tips that Can Improve Your Brushing Technique

Do you ever wonder if you brush your teeth properly each day? If so, our team is happy to help you! There are many things you can do to improve your brushing technique in , , but as long as you have the right holds and movements, you’re on the right track. To help you… Read more »

An Implant-Supported Bridge Can Restore Your Smile

Over the course of the last twenty years, dental implant technology has continued to evolve to serve alternate applications. One of the most promising developments has been using dental implants to mount a bridge, replacing multiple missing teeth in one area of your mouth. The first step in placing a bridge involves your dentist examining… Read more »

Snoring and Breathing Issues Resulting from Sleep Apnea Can Be Improved by Using a Boil and Bite Snore Guard

Excessive snoring and breathing interruptions from sleep apnea often results in poor sleep quality and can even have a negative impact on your quality of life. In recent years, sleep apnea treatment options have improved. While people with severe sleep apnea might need to sleep with a CPAP machine, people with mild to moderate sleep… Read more »

Having a Badly Cracked Tooth Extracted and Restored by a Dental Implant

Each and every one of the teeth in your mouth, has been designed by the ancient forces of evolution to be hard enough to bite off, chew and grind the hardest of foods. As hard as your teeth are, there are still some things they cannot withstand. A hard blow to the mouth from a… Read more »