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What You Need to Know About Sedation

What You Need to Know About Sedation

You might feel like the only person in the world who can’t face the idea of going to the dentist, but you are actually one of millions of adults who experience dental anxiety. If the idea of having a tooth pulled or cavity filled sends you into a panic, you should consider sedation dentistry. Sedation is a safe and effective way to help you get the dental care you need without stress or fear.

How Does This Work?

Sedation dentistry helps anxious patients receive anything from a standard checkup to a root canal while feeling completely relaxed. Different medications are available to achieve your comfort and relaxation through sleep dentistry, so you have the option to stay awake and responsive throughout your appointment or go into a deep sleep:

  • Minimal : You are awake and aware of your procedure, but feel relaxed
  • Moderate : You will be awake, but won’t remember much of the procedure
  • Deep : You are in a deep sleep, but can still be awakened if needed

What Medications Are Used?
There are a few different medications available. Each works differently to give the results you want.

  • Laughing Gas, also known as nitrous oxide, is combined with oxygen and inhaled through a mask placed over your nose. This gas induces relaxation quick and wears off quickly as well, so it’s the best sedation option if you want to drive yourself home after your procedure.
  • Oral : This commonly used form of sedation dentistry involves taking a dose of the pill Halcion about an hour before your procedure. You will become drowsy and possibly even fall asleep during your appointment. We work with you to determine the best dosage for your needs.
  • IV : IV sedation delivers sedative drugs directly into a vein so it works quickly and can be continually controlled during your procedure. IV sedation is used for moderate or deep sedation or general anesthesia based on your preferences and needs.

Is Sleep Dentistry Right For You?

If you have a real fear associated with the dentist, sleep dentistry is a valuable tool to help you overcome your anxiety. This is why 19th Avenue Dental offers safe and painless sedation dentistry to help you overcome a sensitive gag reflex, sensitive teeth, low pain threshold, or debilitating fear and anxiety.

Call (425) 385-8130 to make an appointment with Dr. Yamaguchi in Everett, Washington today. Your anxiety shouldn’t stop you from having a clean, healthy mouth!