If You Have Had a Tooth Removed, You May Benefit From a Dental Bridge

Dr. prefers to not remove teeth if possible, but if tooth decay or dental trauma has left a tooth too damaged for root canal treatment, may need to extract the remaining tooth structure. If your tooth has been removed, a dental bridge from may be the best option. The gums will first need to undergo… Read more »

Denture Creation

To help you know a little more about dentures, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to tell you how complete and partial dentures are created. That way you can be more involved in the dental restoration process. For the creation of a complete denture, the remaining natural teeth will need to be removed. This might… Read more »

Tips for Choosing Toothpaste

The time has come to buy more toothpaste. You may be intimidated by this task. With so many types of toothpastes available, how do you know which is the right choice? Generally speaking, choose a toothpaste with the ADA seal. Beyond that, choose the type of toothpaste that meets your specific needs or those of… Read more »

A Word About Benzocaine

If you have ever had a late night when you or a member of your family has been suffering from a toothache or a pain in their mouth, you have probably found yourself wandering the aisle of a grocery or convenience store, looking for benzocaine. Well, you were actually looking for a topical anesthetic to… Read more »

Foods to Avoid for Healthier Teeth: A List

Eating the right foods and drinks can perform miracles for your dental health. Specifically, you should look out for foods that cause dry mouth, that dye enamel and/or that are tricky to chew. Review this list of foods to ensure that you’re wary about what you’re munching on. -Drinking too much alcohol not only increases… Read more »

Stopping and Reversing Tooth Decay

Like it or not, we all get tooth decay, whatever our age. If you still have your chompers, you may develop tooth decay. When bacteria grow on your chompers for too long, acid grows and breaks away at your tooth enamel to make cavities. Fortuitously, there are some proven ways to drop your likelihood of… Read more »

The Information You Need to Feel More Comfortable in the Hands of the Dentist

Does the thought of visiting the dentist make you nervous? If so, you’re not alone. Many people experience dental nerves and anxiety, which is why Dr. and our dental team work hard to help you have the best dental experience possible. The first thing we do to help you is offer pain-free injections, which means… Read more »

Keep a Good-Looking Smile

Your smile can affect your appearance. In fact, if you don’t take good care of it, it can bring a negative effect over your entire being. So, if you want to maintain your good look, it’s important to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. Keep up on oral hygiene. This means you need… Read more »

Toothaches and Your Smile

Toothaches hurt because the pulp of a tooth has been compromised. When the enamel protecting a tooth is damaged, dangerous bacteria can infect the pulp and eventually cause the tooth to fail. The pulp is the life force of a tooth because it houses the tooth’s connective tissues, nerve endings, and blood vessels. When the… Read more »

What Is a Dental Bridge?

What is a dental bridge, anyway? A dental bridge is a common tooth replacement service, used to fill empty gaps in your smile caused by lost or missing teeth. If left unchecked, a missing tooth could continue to damage your smile by introducing further issues such as jaw bone weakening, infections, and other problems. Your… Read more »