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Wearing DenturesFacts to Know About Wearing Dentures

Needing dentures may seem like a big undertaking, but soon after you get them you will find that wearing dentures is a normal part of everyday life. In fact, there are a lot of misconceptions about wearing dentures that you should dispel before actually heading to the dentist. Here are three things you should know about wearing dentures.

Adhesive Not Needed

You don’t actually need adhesive of any kind when you first start wearing dentures. In fact, if the dentures fit properly and are made correctly, general suction is enough to keep them in place. You should only ever need adhesive if your denture fit changes. When that happens, it is a good idea to have them adjusted rather than continuing to use adhesive.

Must Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods

You may think that because you have new teeth you can go back to eating all of the foods you once enjoyed. However, there are some foods that you need to avoid. Very hard foods could break your dentures. In addition, sticky foods can adhere to the dentures and be difficult if not impossible to clean away. Some examples of foods to avoid include hard toffees and candies, pretzels, harder nuts, and certain caramels.

Don’t Wear All the Time

You may be tempted to wear your dentures morning, noon, and night because you don’t want to be seen without teeth. However, it is very important that you remove your dentures at night while you are sleeping. This time of rest gives your mouth the chance to perform its normal maintenance, with saliva washing away debris and gum tissue recovering. It also gives your dentures a chance to be disinfected if you use appropriate cleaner in a denture bath.

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