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Protecting Your Teeth During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important time for both you and your baby. As your body funnels nutrients to the baby, replenishing those nutrients becomes vitally important. Taking care of your overall health is also a must. Dental hygiene is no exception. Many women develop dental issues during pregnancy, but there are some steps you can take to protect your teeth during this time.

Be Vigilant

There are some practices that are generally good for your teeth. While you should be doing these things all the time, they become more important when you are pregnant. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of tap water, as it contains fluoride, which is good for protecting the enamel on your teeth. Avoid sugary beverages and eat a lot of healthy foods.

In addition to these every day practices, it is important to get at least four full servings of calcium-rich foods each day while you are pregnant. Calcium is important for healthy teeth, and many women who do not get enough calcium during pregnancy develop problems with their teeth and bones.

Coping with Cravings and Morning Sickness

Two of the things that happen during pregnancy that put your teeth at risk are cravings and morning sickness. You can combat damage to your teeth from cravings by rinsing your mouth with tap water after every meal and snack.

If you vomit from morning sickness, the acid from your vomit can eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Avoid brushing immediately after vomiting, because the enamel needs to recover before you do so. Instead, rinse your mouth with tap water immediately. You can also smear some fluoride toothpaste onto your teeth to protect the enamel.

In spite of your best efforts, you may still experience some dental issues while you are pregnant. Most dental work can be done during pregnancy, although dental X-rays should be avoided. If you need more information about how to protect your teeth, or you need dental work, contact us today for a comprehensive exam.