In our continuing effort to bring our patients the most technologically forward treatment, we are pleased to offer the state-of-the-art advanced digital imaging technology known as Plexion, a 3D dental CT scanner. It is also referred to as cone beam technology and is quickly advancing our approach to diagnosing your smile and planning treatment. When having images taken, you place your chin and head on the comfortable rests as the scanner quickly rotates around your head. We are then immediately able to review the 3D images.

By using the Plexion scanner’s high-resolution images at 19th Avenue Dental, we can obtain highly accurate and intricately detailed three-dimensional views of your entire smile, including your bone, teeth, tooth orientation, tooth and nerve relation, airways, and sinuses. We use this imaging system to plan treatments and to aid us in the dental care we offer, including extractions, dental implants, and oral surgery. A CBCT 3D scan in Everett, Washington, can also be used to find hidden tumors or cysts that cannot be seen with the natural eye or above the gum line.

For high-quality images in as little as 19 seconds, please contact our skilled dentist, Dr. Shuichi Yamaguchi, today. We are excited to offer the safest, most convenient treatments to our patients.

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