Dentures in Everett, WA

Looking for the top dentures services in Everett, WA? Whether you have experienced severe dental trauma or are simply losing your teeth due to age, Dr. Kang and his caring team at 19th Avenue Dental understand the impact tooth loss can have. Missing teeth can affect important functions of the smile, including eating and speaking with confidence.

To ensure our patients can enjoy complete, confident smiles, 19th Avenue Dental offers a selection of denture options. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Yun Kang, and his team provide complete, immediate, partial, and overdentures based on your needs!

Partial Dentures

Dr. Kang in his Everett, WA office at 19th Avenue DentalPartial dentures are ideal for those with some natural teeth, as they replace multiple missing teeth and integrate with the existing dental structure to enhance the smile's appearance and functionality. They prevent remaining teeth from shifting and require less healing time than complete dentures, allowing for quicker creation and placement. Available at 19th Avenue Dental, partial dentures come in removable or fixed versions. Removable options may use a metal framework for support, while fixed ones, often termed "crown and bridge" dentures, are anchored by dental crowns on adjacent teeth, offering greater security at a higher cost.

Removable Dentures

Our dentistry offers implant-retained dentures for patients seeking a more secure fit without committing to full-mouth dental implants. This innovative solution combines the benefits of traditional dentures and dental implants, anchoring the denture in place with a few strategically placed dental implants for enhanced stability. This option presents a flexible and cost-effective alternative for those desiring the advantages of dental implants with the practicality and ease of removable dentures.

Complete or Full Dentures

Complete dentures are traditional solutions for replacing all teeth in one's smile, available as "conventional" or "immediate" types in Everett, WA. Conventional dentures are made post-healing of gums after teeth removal, fitting after about 8-12 weeks, ensuring a comfortable, precise fit. On the other hand, immediate dentures are provided immediately after teeth extraction, offering an instant solution but requiring adjustments as the healing process alters the gum and bone structure.

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