Basic Oral Hygiene Tips to Clean and Maintain Your New Bridge

Your new bridge, installed at effectively restores the structure and appearance of a tooth that was lost due to advanced tooth decay, fracture or otherwise required extraction. While your new bridge is made from materials that are not subject to tooth decay, it will still need to be cleaned to prevent issues with gum disease…. Read more »

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

What do you know about root canal therapy? As you may know, root canal therapy is designed to treat a tooth whose center is decayed or infected. Still, there are several myths surrounding root canal therapy. Did you know that you may need root canal therapy if a cavity was left untreated for too long?… Read more »

Fear the Needle No More With Painless Anesthesia Delivery

Depending on the dental treatment you are receiving, it may be necessary to control pain by the use of anesthesia. But one of the great ironies of life is that in administering pain relief, pain is often caused. Some shots can be quite uncomfortable or even painful before anesthesia kicks in. And many people greatly… Read more »

Three Ways to Keep Your Breath Fresh and Pristine

As you loathe your smelly breath throughout the day, it’s time to think about the ways you can finally fight it and change it from being stinky to being fresh and pristine. There are many things you can do to improve the odor escaping your oral cavity, including: Brush your teeth Keep a toothbrush and… Read more »

Renew Your Oral Health with These Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year again, when we throw open windows and air out our homes after a long, dark winter. With March, spring is around the corner, and you might be feeling like hitting the reset button by clearing out the old, stale energy. If you have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug,… Read more »

What Happens If One of Your Fillings Falls Out

Even though a filling is intended to last a long time, from time to time they can still fail, or even fall out. The larger and older a filling is the more likely it is to fall out. Sometimes you might even notice a difference in a filling right before it falls out. Common symptoms… Read more »

CEREC® Technology

If you had a way to minimize your time in the dental chair, would you take it? Most people would because of their busy schedule or dental anxiety. Now, thanks to CEREC® technology, our office can now offer same-day restorations. The CEREC system is simple to operate and provides state-of-the-art results. The scanning technology aids… Read more »

Toothaches 101

Do you have a toothache? If so, we’re here to help you! Toothaches can be tricky at times because there are many causes, symptoms, and treatments associated with them. So, to help you understand this dental problem a little bit more, we have provided the answers to the following questions: What causes a toothache? Toothaches… Read more »

Mouth-Healthy Resolutions

As a new year approaches, it’s time to think about the health of your smile. If you wish that you had a healthier and more attractive smile, try focusing on mouth-healthy resolutions this year. There are many goals you can set in order to achieve the smile you have always wanted, and some of those… Read more »

Denture Implants can Anchor Your Dentures

Over the last 20 years dental implants have become a popular and safe way to replace a lost tooth. In the early years dental implants were used to replace a single lost tooth. Over time the technology and procedures continued to expand. Now they can also be used to provide anchor points for removable dentures…. Read more »