What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Emergencies are never a welcome surprise, but you have to be prepared to handle them nonetheless. When it comes to dental emergencies, you want to be fully informed on the best ways to alleviate pain and minimize additional damage until you can get to the emergency room or your dentist’s office. Here are the techniques… Read more »

Understanding Your Options for Imaging: Digital X-Rays, CBCT, and CEREC

You might not give much thought to your dental imaging options on a regular basis, but suffering from an oral condition like a missing or impacted tooth reminds you just how important imaging is to your comfort, health, and safety. Digital X-rays, CBCT, and CEREC are three essential types of dental imaging that your dentist… Read more »

Signs It May Be Time for a Root Canal

Nearly every adult knows what it feels like to experience tooth pain, but some discomfort is so severe that it cannot simply be resolved with a few ibuprofen. Significant tooth pain is often the cause of extensive decay that can only be eliminated with a root canal. Nearly 15 million people undergo root canal procedures… Read more »

Talking to Your Dentist about Dental Anxiety

If you suffer from dental anxiety, then you know just how debilitating the condition can be. You feel pure terror and panic at the mere thought of visiting the dentist, and your anxiety condition makes it nearly impossible to make an appointment or drive yourself to your dentist office. This is a serious phobia that… Read more »

The Connection between Gum Disease and Overall Health

Oral health is all too often considered a matter unrelated to overall wellness. However, research continues to prove that oral problems create health issues throughout the body, not just in the mouth. This means that gum disease has the ability to significantly hinder your health and minimize your quality of life. Why Do Your Gums… Read more »

3 Things You Never Knew about Dental Implants

Losing your teeth is a painful and embarrassing experience, but it doesn’t have to define your life! The 21st century has supported the development of many advanced technologies designed to enable full mouth restoration for nearly any patient and situation. Dental implants are by far the most popular, natural, and effective solutions to tooth loss…. Read more »

A Toothache Might Be Associated with a Failing Dental Fillings

Minor defects in tooth enamel such as chips, modest dental fractures, dental attrition, and small cavities, can sometimes be treated with a simple dental filling. Most are made from metallic amalgam or composite resin, to effectively restore the structural integrity of a tooth and prevent further tooth decay As the years go by it is… Read more »

A Restoration Is Sometimes Preferred Over a Dental Implant

The loss of a tooth can certainly affect your ability to chew and break down the foods you eat. It can also cause problems with the clarity of your speech, or cause you to have an unattractive smile. If the tooth isn’t restored in a reasonable amount of time, other teeth in the area can… Read more »

If You Have Had a Tooth Removed, You May Benefit From a Dental Bridge

Dr. prefers to not remove teeth if possible, but if tooth decay or dental trauma has left a tooth too damaged for root canal treatment, may need to extract the remaining tooth structure. If your tooth has been removed, a dental bridge from may be the best option. The gums will first need to undergo… Read more »

Denture Creation

To help you know a little more about dentures, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to tell you how complete and partial dentures are created. That way you can be more involved in the dental restoration process. For the creation of a complete denture, the remaining natural teeth will need to be removed. This might… Read more »