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coronavirusMany people are concerned about the coronavirus pandemic and their risk of infection. Especially if you already have chronic health problems or a compromised immune system, you need to stay home as much as possible. But you also have to take care of your health, and that includes dental care. While there are some instances in which you should put off your appointment, most of the time it is an essential medical service.

Routine Exams, X-rays, and Cleanings

It is very important to see your dentist every six months for a complete exam and dental cleaning. Such preventative measures will give your dentist the opportunity to discover any dental problems before they become severe (and costly). But if you don’t feel safe visiting your dentist at the moment, skipping or postponing until after the first of the year might be needed. Only you and your doctor can decide on what is an acceptable risk.

Cavities, Infections, and Tooth Pain

If you’re having dental pain caused by a cavity or infection in the mouth, you need to see a dentist for treatment as soon as possible. Don’t delay this appointment because the tooth decay or infection can spread to other teeth, as well as traveling throughout your body.

When NOT To Come to Our Office During Coronavirus

Dental services are definitely essential for overall health, and our offices will remain open while practicing safe disinfecting and social distancing measures. You should not put off any dental needs as a general rule, but there are some situations in which you should not come to our office.

If you have:

  • An undiagnosed or worsening cough
  • A fever
  • Had contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19
  • Traveled outside the state or country

You should contact your doctor to inquire about testing and avoid all appointments, including dental visits, until you have a negative coronavirus test or have quarantined for 14 days. You do not want to risk spreading the virus to others. Even if you have a mask, you should stay home if you may be sick.

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