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Smile More

A healthy smile not only improves your appearance but can give you many advantages in life. However, not everyone is comfortable showing their smile in public. If you are embarrassed about showing off your smile due to cosmetic imperfections, or tooth loss Dr. Yamaguchi can help you achieve the great benefits that a confident smile can offer.
Seem More Trustworthy
According to research, others will assume you are more trustworthy if you wear a friendly smile. People are also more willing to forgive you and believe that your apology is genuine if you wear a sheepish smile when addressing a situation.
Lift Your Spirits
Smiling helps your body by releasing endorphins and lowering your blood pressure. Even forced ones can work to improve your mood. Give it a try the next time you are sad or upset; force yourself to smile and see how it can lift your spirits.
Increase Your Income
Wearing a friendly smile each day can help you earn more money, especially if your line of work relies on tips. Smiling waiters and waitresses are much more likely to receive bigger tips than their stone-faced counterparts. In many professions, smiling and having a positive misdemeanor can lead to raises and promotions.
Spread Happiness
If you would like to improve the mood of the people around you, try directing a smile their way. Smiling is contagious, and studies show that around half of the people that see you smiling will begin to smile too.
Be Socially Engaged
In a variety of social situations, a polite smile is expected of you. Whether you should laugh at someone’s joke, greet people with a smile, or smile at another’s good news, failing to produce a smile can cause others to think negatively of you.

If you would like to receive these benefits of smiling but are too embarrassed about the quality of your smile, Dr. Yamaguchi can help give you a beautiful smile that you will be proud of. We encourage you to contact our office today to schedule an appointment or consultation.