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Teeth WhiteningHave you been thinking about whitening your own teeth? There are a lot of teeth whitening products on the market, with most of them available at a store in your hometown. So why should you even consider more expensive professional whitening? There are a lot of reasons you should ditch those home kits and see your dentist instead. Here are a few.

Glow in the dark

Remember that episode of Friends when Ross over-whitened his teeth? Even though home whitening kits have come a long way since the 90s, you can still cause some damage to your teeth if you leave the product on too long. Your teeth might not glow in the dark, but they are going to look freakishly white.

Damaging your gums

Most home teeth whitening kits contain some kind of bleach, in addition to other chemicals and compounds depending on the brand and product, but all of these kits can be extremely damaging to your gums if you leave them on too long. Your gums are made up of sensitive and more easily damaged tissue.

Myth Busted! Your teeth will look awful, but leaving your whitening strips on too long isn’t really going to damage your teeth. 

The enamel on your teeth is the hardest tissue in your body, and it does a good job of protecting your teeth as long as you keep it healthy. But as mentioned above, your gums CAN be damaged by these products.

You can get elective dental treatment like teeth whitening during the pandemic in Washington.

Even though we do have safety measures in place for social distancing, wearing masks, and keeping hands and surfaces clean, there are no restrictions on our ability to make and fulfill appointments. If you want safe and effective teeth whitening, contact us today to schedule your appointment. We can usually squeeze you in if you need fast service.