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X-RaysOne of the worst things about becoming a new patient at a dental office is getting new dental x-rays. If you’ve finally sought out a new dentist, you are probably experiencing some type of dental discomfort already. The more someone pokes around trying to get decent x-rays, the more uncomfortable you will be. But with our new 3D Dental CT scanner, your x-rays will be over before you know it.

What makes our dental scanner different?

The 3D Dental CT scanner offers the ability to get a complete 3D picture of your mouth, including all of your teeth and your jaw with just one imaging session. The pieces placed in your mouth might still seem awkward. But they will only be positioned once, and the complete x-ray will be over in just a few seconds. 

If dental x-rays never bothered me, why should I care?

The 3D Dental scanner isn’t just a much shorter exposure to radiation. It is also exposure to a much lower dose of radiation than traditional x-rays. The long-term effects of radiation exposure become more apparent every year, and just like every other medical practice we want to limit your exposure as much as possible. That is best done by using the 3D x-ray for a fast and complete picture with almost no risk.

The 3D Dental X-ray is the best diagnostic tool for your dentist.

In addition to reducing your exposure to radiation, you’ll also be doing yourself a favor by giving your dentist the best tools to offer the best treatment. Our 3D x-ray creates a much more complete and clear picture of your mouth so that the dentist is able to quickly and accurately diagnose your dental problem and recommend treatment. 

Not only does this mean your treatments will be faster and more effective, it also means your dentist won’t be spending as much time poking around in your mouth, which can be painful if you already have a cavity or other issue.

Our dentists are trained to make the best use of 3D dental x-rays to provide care of the next level. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.