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Braces Are your child’s teeth crowding, angling, or otherwise not coming in properly? If your child’s smile is beginning to look a bit crooked, you might be wondering how important it is to correct this problem with braces.

Braces are very expensive. They are definitely an investment, even if you have the assistance of insurance, but they are also very necessary. There are some very important reasons that you should get your child braces, beyond the desire for a nicer smile.

Braces correct your bite

Some children have such an exaggerated overbite that they are unable to eat certain foods or chew properly. A bad overbite can prevent a child from being able to bite into things effectively, like apples or sandwiches. This can affect your child’s nutritional intake.

Braces improve speech

If your child’s speech quality is lacking, it could be because their teeth are not allowing their mouth to move in the way it needs to in order to form words properly. If your child has very crooked teeth or even a minor overbite, it could be affecting their language and speech development.

Protect your teeth

Having crowding in the mouth, which is often what causes crooked teeth and overbites, can cause a host of other dental problems. These issues can make your mouth more prone to bacterial infections, cavities, and gum disease.

Are your child’s teeth crooked? Come in or contact us today for a consultation to determine if braces are right for your child.