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Dental WorkDuring certain times of the year, dental offices are busier than usual with patients requiring routine cleanings and other dental work. To ensure that you get a time slot that fits easily into your schedule, it’s smart to make your appointments when dental offices are generally slower. 

The Best Times of Year for Dental Work

If you need dental work, plan to have it done in the early winter or the early summer. At the beginning of winter, many people will have already have their dental work done during the back-to-school rush. This, along with the traveling that typically occurs as the holidays begin, gives you a great chance of getting a convenient appointment time. You can also avoid the back-to-school rush by getting your dental work done in early summer when many people are leaving for vacation

If you need dental work in the winter, but can’t get in as early as November, try for January instead. At this time, you’ll avoid the end-of-year rush that occurs as people try to use their dental benefits before the year ends. 

The Benefits of Getting it Done During the Slow Times of Year

By avoiding the late summer and winter rush to the dentist’s office, you’ll enjoy a less crowded waiting room. This is ideal for patients with a fear of going to the dentist, as it provides a more relaxing environment, helping to diffuse anxiety before you get in the chair. 

Additionally, if you need any lab work done during your dentist’s appointment, the results will take less time to come back during slower times of the year. With fewer patients coming into the office, the lab will have less on the docket, allowing for quicker turnaround times.

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