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Oral health

Connection between Gum Disease and Overall Health

Oral health is all too often considered a matter unrelated to overall wellness. However, research continues to prove that oral problems create health issues throughout the body, not just in the mouth. This means that gum disease has the ability to significantly hinder your health and minimize your quality of life.

Why Do Your Gums Matter?

If you want straight, strong, white teeth, you actually need to pay just as much attention to your gums as you do to your teeth. Your gums are the tissues of the mouth that support the teeth. If your teeth lack a healthy and stable foundation, they will suffer the adverse effects of inflammation and decay.

The Most Important Facts to Know About Gum Disease

Gum disease does not form instantaneously. It develops over time in stages. This means that gum disease can often be prevented and minimized with simple diet and lifestyle changes. Poor dental hygiene, smoking, poor nutrition, and excess consumption of sugar are all known to accelerate the formation of gum disease.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease that is defined by red and swollen gums that bleed easily. This is a common condition that can be easily resolved with improved brushing and flossing habits. The damage is reversible as long as the bone and tissue holding the teeth in place are not impacted. However, if gingivitis is not resolved, it will advance into a more serious version of gum disease called periodontitis. This final stage of gum disease destroys the gum tissue and underlying bone structure that is needed to support the teeth.

What Will Gum Disease Do To Your Health?

Research shows that gum disease is correlated with other diseases within the body, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and respiratory disease. Periodontal disease often makes it more difficult for people who have diabetes to control their blood sugar. It also increases the risk of heart disease by causing inflammation and exacerbating existing heart conditions. The oral infection brought on by gum disease is also considered a risk factor for stroke.

If that wasn’t enough, studies also reveal that men with gum disease are 49 percent more likely to develop kidney cancer and 54 percent more likely to develop pancreatic cancer! It is even possible for bacteria growing in the oral cavity to aspirate into the lungs and cause pneumonia.

The bottom line? Your dental health is no joke, and preventing gum disease will help you live a longer, happier, and more enjoyable life. This is why you should call (425) 385-8130 to make an appointment at 19th Avenue Dental in Everett, Washington. Dr. Yamaguchi will use his 23 years of experience to help you protect your dental health and overall wellness.