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Stability is a key concern among patients with dentures. While there are denture adhesives available, they often don’t work for many patients. An unstable denture can make it difficult to eat and make patients uncomfortable in social settings. 

Overdentures utilize implant technology for a solution to denture stability concerns. By securing the dentures in place with implants, your dentist can prevent slipping and keep your dentures securely in place, without adhesives. 

What are Implant Overdentures?

Implants are small titanium posts that are positioned in the jawbone. In the case of implant overdentures, the implants are used to support and secure a denture. At 19th Avenue Dental, we use advanced 3D imaging and planning technology to place dental implants so that we don’t have to open the gum tissues to plan the implants. 

The implants placed for overdentures have attachments that fasten to corresponding pieces on the dentures. This affixes the dentures securely in the mouth for complete comfort and confidence throughout the day. 

Implant Overdentures Prevent Bone Loss

Beyond stability and comfort, implant overdentures benefit the long-term health of the mouth. This is because the implants stimulate the bones in the mouth, effectively preventing bone loss. Bone loss occurs naturally when a patient has missing teeth, but an implant overdenture will slow down and prevent it. This will preserve your oral health and prevent a sunken appearance of the face that often occurs with bone loss.  

Overdenture Maintenance

Implant overdentures can be easily removed for cleaning. The dentures should be cleaned twice daily with a gentle detergent and a soft bristle toothbrush. You should also brush the gums and around the implant components in the mouth to remove bacteria. While you’re sleeping, keep the overdenture in water or denture solution to keep it from drying out. 

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