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Dental Appliance Adjustment or ReplacementDid you know that your dental appliance was never meant to be permanent? Most dentists won’t tell you when you get your dentures that you may have to get them again in the future. Whether or not you need to replace your partial or full dentures depends on when they were made and how old you were when you first got them.

Dentures only last about 10 years.

It doesn’t matter what type of dentures you have; they are not likely to last much beyond 7 to 10 years. This is true whether you have a full or partial denture. You will even have to replace your hybrid denture, although the implants themselves are permanent. That means if you’re younger than about 60 to 65, you’re almost certain to need another dental appliance in the future.

Some dentures can be repaired.

Even though dentures don’t last forever, they are pretty durable, even when you go with the cheaper economy options. If you break off a single tooth from the denture plate, it can probably be repaired by your dentist’s lab. If your entire denture cracks in half, partially or completely, you’re probably going to have to get a new one.

Other reasons you might need a dental appliance adjustment or replacement

Your gums and jaw can go through a lot of changes over time, especially when wearing a dental appliance like a denture that sits on the gums. These changes in your gums can change the way your dentures fit over time. Sometimes this can be corrected by your dentist with an added soft liner to make the denture fit better. But if that doesn’t work or isn’t possible, you might have to get new ones altogether.

If you do need to get new dentures, you should consider a hybrid denture with dental implants as an alternative. Because the denture snaps in place instead of sitting directly on the gum, it is much better for long-term use.

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