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Root Canal

Time for a Root Canal

Nearly every adult knows what it feels like to experience tooth pain, but some discomfort is so severe that it cannot simply be resolved with a few ibuprofen. Significant tooth pain is often the cause of extensive decay that can only be eliminated with a root canal.

Nearly 15 million people undergo this procedure annually! Though this process has a reputation of being painful, root canal technology become so advanced in the last decade that the entire treatment can be completed without causing any pain or discomfort. Read on to determine if your oral pain requires immediate dental attention.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

A root canal is often necessary when a tooth becomes deeply infected and inflamed due to dental decay. Since the injured tissue cannot heal like normal tissue, the level of pain caused by such infection and inflammation is often excruciating. If you experience at least one of the following symptoms, you should see a dentist to determine your best treatment option.

  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold foods and liquids
  • Chronic oral pain
  • Tenderness and swelling of the gums
  • Pain when you chew or talk

Don’t Just Ignore the Pain

If the decay inside of the tooth is not removed, the tooth eventually dies and causes even more problems inside the mouth. A root canal prevents further damage by removing the infected nerve and pulp out of the center of the tooth through a tiny hole.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

Once the infected nerve and pulp is removed from your damaged tooth, your dentist cleans the space, fills it with a material called gutta percha, and seals the top so no other bacteria can enter. A seal or crown on the top of the tooth completes the process. Since no other material or man-made object can replace a natural tooth, a root canal makes it possible for the natural tooth to remain intact without threatening your comfort or overall health.

At 19th Avenue Dental in Everett, Washington, Dr. Yamaguchi has decades of experience completing root canals to save his patients’ teeth and maintain their full, bright smiles. Don’t leave your oral health up to chance or continue suffering in pain; call (425) 385-8130 now to make your appointment at 19th Avenue Dental today.