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Root Canal TreatmentMyths About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed when the dental pulp and root canal system become decayed or damaged. This treatment prevents the death of the tooth, relieves pain, and protects the tooth structure. 

Unfortunately, there are many myths about root canals that make patients hesitant or anxious to undergo the treatment. Here, we’ll debunk these myths to help resolve any fear you have about this endodontic treatment!

1. Root Canals Are Painful. 

With innovative technology used today, root canal treatment is virtually painless. We numb the tooth and surrounding area using local anesthesia to prevent pain during the treatment. Most patients fully recover from root canal treatment within a few days. 

2. Getting the Tooth Extracted Is Better Than a Root Canal. 

Preserving the natural tooth is always ideal. This way, you won’t lose the natural look and function of the tooth. Root canal treatment allows you to keep your natural tooth structure, which will be sealed with a filling or crown. Patients who keep up with their oral hygiene after a root canal can often keep the natural tooth for the rest of their lives! On the other hand, if you have the affected tooth extracted, you’ll need to get a bridge or implant to replace it.  

3. Root Canals Require Several Appointments. 

The technology we use today allows us to complete root canal treatment within just one or two office visits. 

4. Root Canals Increase Your Risk of Illness. 

It’s simply not true that root canals increase your risk of becoming ill. This myth has been around for a long time – long before we understood the cause of many diseases. By getting a root canal, you won’t be at a higher risk of becoming ill than you were before the treatment. 

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