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If You Have Had a Tooth Removed, You May Benefit From a Dental Bridge

Dr. Shuichi Yamaguchi prefers to not remove teeth if possible, but if tooth decay or dental trauma has left a tooth too damaged for root canal treatment, he may need to extract the remaining structure. If your tooth has been removed, a dental bridge from 19th Avenue Dental may be the best option.

The gums will first need to undergo a period of healing before we place the dental bridge in the gap. If you are unfamiliar with dental bridges, a dental bridge is an appliance formed from one or more artificial teeth fused together with hollow dental crowns on each end. By attaching the dental crowns to the two closes teeth, we anchor the dental bridge in place and fill the gap in your smile.

Dr. Shuichi Yamaguchi will need to remove the layer of tooth enamel layer from the two neighboring teeth to form post-shaped pillars so that we can attach the dental crowns. Once the abutments are made, we will form an impression of the tooth gap, abutments, and nearby teeth so that our dental lab can use the impression to custom fabricate your dental bridge with the help of special dental materials.

We will then invite you back to 19th Avenue Dental to place the dental bridge This visit is fairly brief; we remove the temporary crowns that were protecting the abutments and use a potent dental adhesive to cement the dental bridge in place.

To learn more about the benefits of dental bridges in Everett, Washington, and determine if it’s right for you, call 425-385-8130 today and schedule your consultation with our experienced dentist.