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Safe During Your Dental AppointmentEspecially in these times, it is natural to want to know how we will keep you healthy and safe while in our care during your dental appointment. Even when we are not in the middle of a pandemic, there is always a risk for different types of infection when you are in a clinical setting. Because we care about our patients and their health, we use a variety of tools and protocols to ensure that you are safe.

Isolite system

One of the biggest concerns in dental care is infection. The mouth is one of the main points of entry to the rest of your body, even when simply absorbed through the lining of the mouth. That means that infection from the mouth could travel elsewhere in the body. How well the tooth being addressed is isolated plays a large role in stopping the spread of the infection. We use the tried and true Isolite system during your dental appointment.

Vital monitor system

Dental anxiety can make you feel like your heart is pounding in your chest or that you are short of breath. Usually a higher than normal blood pressure and heart rate will accompany these anxiety symptoms, although most dentists don’t actively monitor it. However, blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level all play a role in your health and safety during dental treatment. That’s why we monitor vitals on all of our teen and adult patients during their dental appointment.

Pandemic measures during your dental appointment

Of course, like all medical and clinical offices, we are taking extra precautions to keep you safe during the pandemic. We are doing our best to limit the number of patients and staff in our office, maintaining distance when possible, and wearing a mask and gloves when possible. We are disinfecting all surfaces and exam rooms after every patient as well. 

If you are interested in learning more about the difference in our dental practice, contact us today to schedule your dental appointment.