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Dentures Dental Implants Make Dentures More Comfortable and Convenient

Chances are your dentist didn’t tell you much when you got your dentures. They might have told you what foods to avoid so that the denture plate won’t break, like hard nuts or brittle foods and candies. They might have told you how to care for your dentures, but they probably didn’t explain what you would be dealing with on a daily basis once your treatment is complete.

Unfortunately, having dentures is a nuisance, and it can often be physically painful as well as emotionally frustrating. Food particles can easily get under the denture, and a tiny sesame seed can feel like a boulder in the wrong place. 

You can eliminate such things from happening by using a denture adhesive. But these are gooey and difficult to remove from both the denture and the roof of your mouth, or they are entirely ineffective. 

But what alternatives are there?

Now you can get dentures that are both comfortable and convenient. Hybrid dentures are ones that snap into place over dental implants. The implants are placed deep in your jaw, with a post remaining visible. Usually four posts, two on top and two on bottom, are placed as support for the snap-on denture.

The denture is firmly held in place, no matter what you are eating. It’s easier to clean, and you don’t have to worry about the denture causing pain or embarrassment while you are dining out.

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