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Painless Anesthesia Delivery

Depending on the dental treatment you are receiving, it may be necessary to control pain by the use of anesthesia. But one of the great ironies of life is that in administering pain relief, pain is often caused. Some shots can be quite uncomfortable or even painful before it kicks in. And many people greatly fear needles. That is why at 19th Avenue Dental, we use painless delivery systems.

The kind of delivery that is best for a patient can vary greatly, depending on the given procedure. One option we can use for many patients is known as single tooth anesthesia, or STA. STA provides it directly to the tooth being worked on, and nowhere else. That means no numb lips, cheeks, or tongues, and no scary shots and syringes. The computer-controlled system utilizes a small, handheld wand to administer medication to the tooth. It is quick, safe, and effective.

When other types of injections are necessary, we can also remove the potential pain they can cause with the DentalVibe®. This device eliminates injection pain by vibrating the tissues around the injection site. The vibrating sensation reaches the brain before pain signals, so your injection is pain-free. It also helps local anesthesia take effect quicker.

By using STA and the DentalVibe®, we can reduce or totally eliminate the pain and anxiety associated with anesthesia delivery. If you would like to learn more about painless anesthesia delivery or set an appointment with Dr. Shuichi Yamaguchi, please call our Everett, WA, office today.