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Denture Implants

Over the last 20 years dental implants have become a popular and safe way to replace a lost tooth. In the early years dental implants were used to replace a single lost tooth. Over time the technology and procedures continued to expand. Now they can also be used to provide anchor points for removable dentures.

Your periodontist will recommend a number of anchors depending on the shape of your jaw and how much bone material is available. In most cases your removable dentures can be locked into your jaw with four to six anchors and the help of some hardware to help lock them in.

During the procedure the oral surgeon will make a series of narrow channels in the bone of your jaw. They will then screw in titanium abutments. Titanium is the ideal material for be abutment because it is biologically safe and in time it will fuse you’re your jaw bone to provide a solid anchor.

Once you have healed and the anchors are firm a custom set of dentures will be created. With the help of some basic hardware these dentures will lock into the anchors giving you a much tighter grip than adhesive can provide.

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