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Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth and are searching for the best dental solution? Guided implant surgery to replace missing teeth provides the highest level of safety patients seeking a permanent solution. The computer-aided guidance system eliminates any guesswork that can be associated with normal implantation. The technology of this surgery provides precise imaging of the mouth and simulates exactly how the completed dental work will look and function.

Guided implant technology not only benefits the dentist but you as a patient as well. You will be able to see your teeth and bone structure and the work that will be done all in 3D imaging. Dr. Yamaguchi will sit down and explain the procedure thoroughly with the assistance of the guided implant software.

You won’t be left to guess what the dentist is working on inside of your mouth. This technology makes inserting easier and more efficient, and therefore, the time spent in the dental chair is dramatically reduced.

If you dislike spending time at the dentist and want the safest and most efficient method for placing dental implants, guided implants from 19th Avenue Dental  in Everett, WA is the solution you are looking for. To schedule a consultation, call 425-385-8130 or visit our dental office.