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Crown Lengthening 2Many people have a “gummy smile”, with which a lot of the gum tissue shows when they smile or laugh. For some, a gummy smile is a point of insecurity, leading them to cover their smile or avoid smiling with their teeth in public. 

If a gummy smile is making you feel self-conscious, crown lengthening is a procedure that could work for you. This straightforward treatment can resolve a gummy smile and help you gain confidence in your grin. 

What Does Crown Lengthening Involve?

Crown lengthening is a straightforward outpatient procedure. During the procedure, the treatment area is numbed with a local anesthesia and excess gum tissue is removed. The bone may also be removed in some cases when crown lengthening is used before placing a dental restoration. Your dentist will also reshape the gum line for a beautiful smile. 

At 19th Avenue Dental, we use the most advanced dental equipment to make crown lengthening a comfortable, pain-free procedure. This treatment is completed in a single office visit!

Crown Lengthening To Boost Your Confidence

Sometimes, it is used for functional, not aesthetic, purposes. In these cases, the dentist exposes more of the natural tooth structure to achieve a perfect fit with a dental restoration. The procedure may also be used to repair tooth damage or decay that occurs beneath the gum line. However, many people undergo crown lengthening purely for aesthetic reasons. 

If you’re bothered by excess gum tissue, Dr. Yamaguchi at 19th Avenue Dental will work with you to achieve your smile goals. By removing excess gum tissue and sculpting the gumline, Dr. Yamaguchi will give you a smile that you’re proud to show off. 

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