The Effects of Chewing Gum on Your Teeth

Many Americans chew gum to pass the time, relieve stress, and freshen their breath. Although the American Dental Association has given its seal of acceptance to some sugar-free chewing gums, it’s important to be aware of frequent chewing gum use and the effects that it can have on your teeth.  The Downsides Chewing gum regularly… Read more »

Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Myths About Root Canal Treatment Root canal treatment is performed when the dental pulp and root canal system become decayed or damaged. This treatment prevents the death of the tooth, relieves pain, and protects the tooth structure.  Unfortunately, there are many myths about root canals that make patients hesitant or anxious to undergo the treatment…. Read more »

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies occur more often than you might expect. Whether caused by a sudden injury or an issue that was left untreated, a dental emergency requires prompt treatment.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell whether your condition is an emergency. Here, we’ll discuss what constitutes a dental emergency so that you can seek out… Read more »

When Is the Best Time of the Year to Get Dental Work Done?

During certain times of the year, dental offices are busier than usual with patients requiring routine cleanings and other dental work. To ensure that you get a time slot that fits easily into your schedule, it’s smart to make your appointments when dental offices are generally slower.  The Best Times of Year for Dental Work… Read more »

Dental Issues Can Be Made Worse in the Winter

In the winter, dental issues including gum disease, tooth sensitivity, and damaged fillings can be exacerbated. If you’re feeling increased dental pain in the winter, read on to learn why this occurs, and rest assured that your dentist can restore the health and comfort of your teeth.   Why Do Dental Issues Get Worse in the… Read more »

Stabilize Your Teeth with an Implant Overdenture

Stability is a key concern among patients with dentures. While there are denture adhesives available, they often don’t work for many patients. An unstable denture can make it difficult to eat and make patients uncomfortable in social settings.  Overdentures utilize implant technology for a solution to denture stability concerns. By securing the dentures in place… Read more »

Why You Might Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction involves a series of treatments to rebuild the appearance and health of your smile. This combines cosmetic treatments with general and restorative dentistry for a full restoration of your smile’s beauty, function, and longevity.   What Treatments are Included in Full Mouth Reconstruction? Treatments that may be included: Cleanings Crowns Bridges Crown lengthening… Read more »

Boost Your Confidence with Crown Lengthening

Many people have a “gummy smile”, with which a lot of the gum tissue shows when they smile or laugh. For some, a gummy smile is a point of insecurity, leading them to cover their smile or avoid smiling with their teeth in public.  If a gummy smile is making you feel self-conscious, crown lengthening… Read more »

Get Your Smile Back with Partial Dentures

Get Your Smile Back with Partial Dentures If you’ve experienced significant tooth loss, but still have some natural teeth, you may want to consider getting partial dentures. This dental appliance is used to replace multiple missing teeth while accommodating the remaining teeth in the mouth. With partial dentures, you can regain a full, beautiful smile… Read more »

Tips for Caring for Dentures

Caring for Dentures Tips Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth in the mouth. Consisting of false teeth secured to a gum-colored base, dentures offer both functional and cosmetic benefits to people who have missing teeth.  Despite the fact that dentures are false teeth, they still need to be meticulously cared for, just like natural… Read more »