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VeneersIf you’re struggling with imperfections in your smile, veneers are a treatment option that could work for you. For chips, cracks, breaks, crookedness, or stains in the teeth, as well as gaps in between the teeth, veneers are often a great solution. Here at 19th Avenue Dental, we’ll help you achieve a beautiful smile with veneers. 

What Exactly Are Veneers?

They are an adaptable cosmetic dental solution that can eliminate the appearance of imperfections in your smile. With this treatment, it’s possible to repair multiple imperfections at once.

They consist of thin porcelain shells. These shells are custom-made and bonded to the front of the teeth, working to resolve your individual dental concerns. When attached to the front of the teeth, they effectively eliminate cosmetic problems.

What Types Are Available?

At 19th Avenue Dental in Everett, Washington, we provide two types of veneers: DURAthin® and Lumineers®. These modern veneers are made to reduce tooth preparation and keep the natural tooth structure intact. Unlike traditional, our options need little to no tooth buffing and reshaping. This makes the process of applying them more comfortable for the patient. 

How Can Veneers Create a Beautiful Smile?

There are many ways in which they can beautify your smile, including:

Whitening stained teeth

If you have stained teeth, they can whiten and brighten your smile without the need for whitening agents. Especially if you have complications associated with whitening agents, this are a good solution for severely stained teeth. 

Restoring damaged teeth

If you have cracked or chipped teeth, they may be used to restore the appearance of a flawless smile. When applied over damaged teeth, they will also add a layer of protection against further damage. 

Straightening your smile

For crooked teeth and gaps in between teeth, veneers can fix your smile without orthodontics. They create the look of a straight, perfect smile after one treatment session with your dentist. This eliminates much of the hassle of orthodontic treatment. 

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