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Failing Dental Fillings

Minor defects in tooth enamel such as chips, modest dental fractures, dental attrition, and small cavities, can sometimes be treated with a simple dental fillings. Most are made from metallic amalgam or composite resin, to effectively restore the structural integrity of a tooth and prevent further tooth decay

As the years go by it is possible for the strong bond between dental fillings and the surrounding tooth enamel to degrade. This is even more likely to occur in you don’t brush your teeth twice a day or you have a bad habit of forgetting to floss at least once each evening.

In some of these cases the failing dental filling can loosen slightly to allow bacteria access to the deeper recesses of the tooth’s enamel layer. This can cause gradually worsening sensitivity, general discomfort, or increasing toothache pain.

If one of your teeth is in distress, it’s best to have Dr. Shuichi Yamaguchi examine it as soon as possible.

If a new area of tooth decay has developed and it affects the sensitive core structure of the tooth he might recommend performing a root canal. This endodontic therapy will excise any decayed dental structures while also preparing an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown.

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